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Resuming Horizon with LayerZero Labs

Harmony’s Horizon bridge was one of the first cross-chain bridges that launched back in October 2020, which has since accrued a peak Total Volume Locked (TVL) of ~$750 million with over $1.5 billion transaction volume across 100k+ cross-chain transactions. The Horizon bridge stood the test of time for two years before an exploit happened on June […]


ThunderCore’s Validator Partner — Huobi

ThunderCore is ecstatic to introduce Huobi, our long-term shareholder, as a new validator for ThunderCore 2.0 PoS staking. ThunderCore’s long-lasting partnership with Huobi can be traced back to 2019. This year, believing in ThunderCore as a trustworthy top 5 blockchain, Huobi is deepening the relationship with ThunderCore as a validator partner. With Huobi joining us to establish, implement, […]


Cornucopias COPI Token Ported to Cardano Via ChainPort

We’re glad to announce that ChainPort bridge fully supports porting Cornucopias (COPI) tokens to Cardano! Cornucopias is the first bridged token from Ethereum Chain to Cardano as part of ChainPort’s Cardano integration. Today, COPI holders can port their tokens to and from Cardano’s chain. COPI was minted on Cardano a few months ago by the […]


The Aurora ecosystem is now integrated with Fireblocks

What is Fireblocks? Fireblocks is an easy-to-use platform to create innovative products on the blockchain and manage day-to-day crypto operations, such as moving, storing, and distributing digital assets. Fireblocks combines its MPC-CMP wallet infrastructure with hardware enclave isolation to eliminate a single point of failure and insulate digital assets from cyber-attacks, internal collusion, and human […]


Announcing Orbit Bridge Version 3.0

Hello, Orbit Chain community! Fast and Secure way for token conversion! We will notify you of Orbit Bridge updates. Please check the details below for detailed updates. ■ Details of the update Front-end Structure & UI/UX Improvements Add Dark Mode (Light/Dark mode toggle switcher) New Wallet Support: BitKeep 1. Front-end Structure & UI/UX Improvements – […]


Introducing stEVER and the new era of liquid staking on EVER DAO

In this article, we are going to take a look at stEVER (staked EVER) tokens, one of the key features set to further expand the possibilities of the Everscale ecosystem. Why are stEVER tokens being introduced? Currently on EVER DAO, when you stake your assets to vote you do so with EVER and wEVER tokens. […]