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Bridge Developer: Ren

Audit: ChainSecurity

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Total Value Locked (USD)

144 334 377

24h Volume

2 642 177

Brief description of the bridge

RenBridge enables the simple wrapping of digital assets on different blockchains. For example, RenBridge allows users to take BTC and put it on Ethereum, as an ERC-20 called renBTC.

Supported currencies

Smart Contracts

Protocol: 0xc25167fFa19B4d9d03c7d5aa4682c7063F345b66
REN: 0x408e41876cCCDC0F92210600ef50372656052a38
DarknodeRegistry: 0x2D7b6C95aFeFFa50C068D50f89C5C0014e054f0A
DarknodeRegistryStore: 0x60Ab11FE605D2A2C3cf351824816772a131f8782
DarknodePayment (legacy): 0x098e1708b920EFBdD7afe33Adb6a4CBa30c370B9
DarknodePaymentStore (legacy): 0xE33417797d6b8Aec9171d0d6516E88002fbe23E7

GatewayRegistry: 0xf36666C230Fa12333579b9Bd6196CB634D6BC506
BasicBridge: 0x82DF02A52E2e76C0c233367f2fE6c9cfe51578c5
ERC20: 0xEB4C2781e4ebA804CE9a9803C67d0893436bB27D
Gateway: 0xe4b679400F0f267212D5D812B95f58C83243EE71
ERC20: 0x1C5db575E2Ff833E46a2E9864C22F4B22E0B37C2
Gateway: 0xc3BbD5aDb611dd74eCa6123F05B18acc886e122D
ERC20: 0x459086F2376525BdCebA5bDDA135e4E9d3FeF5bf
Gateway: 0xCc4FF5b8A4A7adb35F00ff0CBf53784e07c3C52F
ERC20: 0xD5147bc8e386d91Cc5DBE72099DAC6C9b99276F5
Gateway: 0xED7D080AA1d2A4D468C615a5d481125Bb56BF1bf
ERC20: 0xe3Cb486f3f5C639e98cCBaF57d95369375687F80
Gateway: 0x05387a10Bb3EF789b6C2a9CE2d6C21D5a8c6B1aA
ERC20: 0x3832d2F059E55934220881F831bE501D180671A7
Gateway: 0x2362843745615368F4ef0A43D7502353649C0783
ERC20: 0x52d87F22192131636F93c5AB18d0127Ea52CB641
Gateway: 0xD7D7Deab930B6d3f98b35A26a4c431630d5AB874
ERC20: 0xb8f7762192C840A5E4A6661D5Fa2D4d103E1d16a
Gateway: 0xED2c7EE4f0E203B40B8a12D7CCcDc0100EAE25a3
ERC20: 0xe231f14Ab3170e691c8eE657cC353CaA5de60494
Gateway: 0x4024E80a17C66346a8711A7fc9183Bde9d85258b
ERC20: 0xF89B530176D809be9ED21Dd025EFb291D461e67F
Gateway: 0x4D374735E0CB1B2C6773ADD9991662333983FD67
ERC20: 0xA9A731AEDA12A745B2F3f79b73DD0f20C2645fA3
Gateway: 0x05c37FD270Ab99bC5A8599CFEcC1C4f6E95A9e7f
ERC20: 0xE48a34Ca1d2EC3AC33fBeE29cAA03E459e87faB7
Gateway: 0x2698Fc0d83c6227BFc7c4c30bEDbe0Ff7Eda84d8

Visit this page for more info.

Audits and Exploits

This bridge was audited by ChainSecurity so you can find these documents here. This bridge has also a bounty-program so you can check out this here


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Bridge Token

Bridge token wasn't found. If you have any information, please, contact us

What is Filecoin?

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What is Bitcoin Cash?

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What is Binance Smart Chain?

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What is Polygon?

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What is Arbitrum?

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What is Avalanche?

Avalanche is the fastest smart contracts platform in the blockchain industry, as measured by time-to-finality, and has the most validators securing its activity of any proof-of-stake protocol. Also is an open-source platform for launching decentralized applications and enterprise blockchain deployments in one interoperable, highly scalable ecosystem. Avalanche is the first decentralized smart contracts platform built for the scale of global finance, with near-instant transaction finality. Ethereum developers can quickly build on Avalanche as Solidity works out-of-the-box.

What is Solana?

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What is Bitcoin?

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