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Bridge Developer: TRONPAD

Audit: No

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User Guide

1. Connect your wallet 

2. Select asset from the list 

3. Input the number of tokens to bridge or hit max  

4. Input your BSC/TRON address in destination and click Swap

5. Click Confirm to confirm the swap amount and fees

6. Click Approve and complete the pre-authorization transaction

7. Click Submit and send the swap transaction

8. Please wait for the swap to complete on the destination chain. A tick will appear with a tx link to confirm transfer of tokens

The swap process can take several minutes. If you do not receive a transaction receipt link please contact us for further support.

Note: If you use bridge TRONPAD BSC -> TRON, you will receive +50 TRX in your tron wallet to cover the gas for staking


If you want to interact with this bridge you should have a MetaMask wallet extension.