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26.07.2022 00:11

I wish I had found this bridge/project sooner. I wasted so much money and stressed out on other bridges. Now that I have found it though the sky's the limit. Umbria is the way to go!!!


18.05.2022 14:49

It works faster than any other bridge I used so far. There are also more networks covered, than listed here. E.g. BSC, Fantom, Arbitrum, Avalance!


17.05.2022 19:35

Fast, easy, cheap. With a live support. Would recommend!


Verified user
09.02.2022 20:36

Amazingly inexpensive and efficient bridge. Great APY on staking with no impermanent loss.


Verified user
07.02.2022 11:48

Fast, cheap and really good and fast support. Would recommend!


Verified user
01.02.2022 02:56

! Dev AaronG <--- guy was amazing :) very cheap and easily explained how to complete weth on polygon transfer to eth on Ethereum network

Piggie Talls

Verified user
30.01.2022 19:48

Umbria is the fastest and cheapest way to bridge ETH to Polygon. Our whole community has used it. Only had an issue with someone using Metamask but the discord support helped sort the issue immediately and all was good!


Verified user
28.01.2022 23:12

Easily the cheapest bridge to get on and off Ethereum mainnet from Polygon, BSC, Avalanche and more to come. Highly recommend.


Verified user
27.01.2022 23:36

Umbria's user interface is super friendly. More than that however, I would like to review Aaron G. With in moments of posting a question on discord he was immediately assisting me and resolving my issue. Very Very impressed with his customer service and problem solving abilities.


Verified user
27.01.2022 23:30

Cheapest way to bridge ETH from Mainnet to Polygon!


Verified user
27.01.2022 21:00

wonderful , cheap, fast, easy to use BRIDGE ever.


Verified user
27.01.2022 19:41

Cheapest bridge. Devs are responsive in the discord and help with any problems. More wallet options are coming but you can still use the bridge with non metamask wallets by sending directly to the bridge address


Verified user
27.01.2022 16:32

The best bridge, with the cheapest rates. Their APY on Eth is amazing as well. I recommend Umbria to all of my NFT buyers when bridging funds over to Polygon.


Verified user
26.01.2022 20:07

Best (in a sense of fast, and lowest fees) bridge between Polygon and Ethereum. No impermanent loss liquidity pools are also a great opportunity to generate yield. I made only positive experience with Umbria Narni Bridge!


Verified user
26.01.2022 17:28

Fast and easy to use. Helpful developer team who's quick to respond and help on their discord.


Verified user
26.01.2022 17:02

Fast and Inexpensive, but most importantly the discord was super helpful.

Alvin Paul Azurin

Verified user
26.01.2022 13:26

Cheapest and fastest way to bridge Ethereum and Polygon. Support is also very quick to respond. Highly recommended!


Verified user
26.01.2022 13:24

fast bridge, low fees and easy to use. Aswell as very helpful team!

Dan Mackie

Verified user
26.01.2022 12:23

Excellent fast bridge, great value. Secure. Great team.


Verified user
26.01.2022 05:19

Fantastic bridge. Great value and fast. Staking rewards are very good. Team is active and responds quickly on discord. A+


Verified user
26.01.2022 01:51

Used it a couple time, it was fast and cheap.


Verified user
25.01.2022 23:38

I was looking for a bridge and LP and found both with Narni. Took half off because of occasional hiccups. But the team is phenomenal and turns issues around very quickly. Patient, responsive and knowledgeable. I feel like I am in good hands with this team!


Verified user
25.01.2022 22:50

This is a fantastic service and I've never had a problem so far. I use it to convert Eth to Weth and its the cheapest and most reliable I've found. Also part of the discord and very transparent and a tight community. Keep up the great work!


Verified user
25.01.2022 22:26

By far the cheapest and fastest bridging solution between Ethereum and sidechains / L2s. The pooling rewards are insane as well.


Verified user
25.01.2022 22:24

Fast and inexpensive. Great response time from discord and direct access to Devs. Best chain to use in my opinion and more to come from their team!

Jon outram

Verified user
25.01.2022 22:15

Fastest, cheapest bridge from ETH to and from MATIC. I have used it many times in the past few months. Never had a problem, unlike the official MATIC bridge, which is slow and much more expensive. Great Discord too - there is help available if you ever do have a problem, and the devs are very friendly.


Verified user
25.01.2022 21:56

Super service. Cheap, fast and reliable with excellent backup team.


Verified user
25.01.2022 21:48

Really great service and easy to use. I did have an issue where my funds were delayed but i contacted the team and for resolved pretty quickly! Overall totally recommend to use them.


Verified user
25.01.2022 21:46

Found bridging from ETH Mainnet to Polygon network expensive until I found Umbria’s Narni bridge. Lots of support too in case any problems or user inexperience occur.


Verified user
25.01.2022 21:44

Works fine, I had a problem with ETH blockchain where my tx got Dropped & Replaced but I contacted Umbria team through discord and they solved the issue so fast


Verified user
25.01.2022 21:42

Super fast, works well and REALLY REALLY cheap


Verified user
25.01.2022 12:30

Significantly cheaper and faster than other solutions – with a highly accessible and responsive team. By far the best cross-chain bridge around!


Verified user
22.01.2022 04:02

Fast, cheap and smooth… A lot like myself. Tech support always available. Quality across the board.


Verified user
22.01.2022 00:01

This is the Cheapest and Fastest bridge between Polygon <-> Ethereum, BSC <-> Ethereum, Avalanche <-> Ethereum. I would know - I created it. We are currently rolling our Fantom, Solana, Cardano, and many more this year. If you ever use this bridge and need any support from the team, we are always available in the discord channel.


Verified user
21.01.2022 22:16

Definitely the best Polygon - Etherium Mainnet Bridge. Fast, cheap (really cheap compared to other bridges) and still projects (BSC f.e.) in the pipe. Long story short: my Bridge #1 for Polygon


Verified user
21.01.2022 18:16

bridging fees are super cheap and quite fast. if there is ever an issue they have a team to take care of it. I can't recommend them enough. it's a no brainer to use a bridge that has tech support.


Verified user
21.01.2022 17:34

Fast, easy, cheap. Very recommended


Verified user
21.01.2022 17:31

Fastest & cheapest bridge I know for transferring between ETH and Polygon.

Paul Collom

Verified user
20.01.2022 21:01

Amazing bridge, for Ethereum, Polygon and now Binance Smart Chain. Fast, Easy and way way cheaper than any other Bridge I have used.


Verified user
17.12.2021 22:37

Well, it works only with Ethereum and Polygon networks. Strange decision from developers to create bridge interface as a widget. It's very uncomfortable in use. But it works fine. All transactions was made successfully.

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