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Kakao’s global public blockchain project Klaytn is an enterprise-grade, service-centric platform that brings user-friendly blockchain experience to millions. It combines the best features of both public blockchains (decentralized data & control, distributed governance) and private blockchains (low latency, high scalability) via an efficient 'hybrid' design. Klaytn is secured by participation from numerous highly-reputable brands around the globe, working together to create a reliable business platform atop a robust system of decentralized trust. Klaytn enables businesses and entrepreneurs today to capture value using blockchain technology. Klaytn is the future, designed by GroundX.



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02 Oct 06:30
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1 Orbit Bridge

Orbit Bridge, a decentralized liquidity bridge protocol, was launched in October 2020. Orbit Brid...

TVL: $6 667 381 452

Volume (24h): $768 543

Category: Cross Chain Bridges
Audit: Theori
1 reviews 5

2 Transit Swap

Xswap integrates the most popular DEXs of public chains, selects and combines their advantages in...

TVL: $18 832 965

Volume (24h): $132 319

Category: Cross Swap
Audit: PeckShield