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Terra is a blockchain protocol that supports stable programmable payments and open financial infrastructure development. It is supported by a basket of fiat-pegged, seigniorage share style stablecoins which are algorithmically stabilized by its native cryptoasset, Luna. One part of Terras value contributions, payments, in essence replaces the complicated payments value chain, including credit card networks, banks, and payment gateways with a single blockchain layer. In concert with the efficiencies that Terra has provided payment channels for both merchants and consumers, it continues to steadily provide infrastructural improvements and tools for the foundations of laying down a credibly neutral, distributed, and radically transparent ecosystem.



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2 reviews 5

1 Multichain (previously Anyswap)

Multichain (formerly known as Anyswap) is an infrastructure for on-chain asset interoperability, ...

TVL: $404 940 513

Volume (24h): $1 929 138

Category: Cross Swap
Audit: SlowMist
1 reviews 4

2 Portal Token Bridge (previously Wormhole)

Wormhole is a generic message passing protocol that connects high value blockchains together. Its...

TVL: $312 826 588

Volume (24h): $1 696 381

Category: Cross Chain Bridges
Audit: Neodyme
1 reviews 5

3 Allbridge

Allbridge is a simple, modern, and reliable way to transfer assets between different networks. It...

TVL: $104 785 899

Volume (24h): $13 102

Category: Cross Chain Bridges
Audit: Hacken
0 reviews 0

4 Satellite by Axelar

Axelar is a permisionless network and gateway that enables you to build secure cross-chain applic...

TVL: $76 079 652

Volume (24h): $822 608

Category: Cross Chain Bridges
Audit: No
6 reviews 4.3

5 RenBridge

RenBridge enables the simple wrapping of digital assets on different blockchains. For example, Re...

TVL: $51 052 112

Volume (24h): $1 659 894

Category: Wrapped Token
Audit: ChainSecurity
1 reviews 3

6 Terra Bridge

Terra Bridge enables cross-chain transfer of all tokens supported by Shuttle, including Terra nat...

TVL: The TVL for this bridge is not calculated

Volume (24h): The volume for this bridge is not calculated

Category: Cross Chain Bridges