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Brief description of the bridge

Wormhole is a generic message passing protocol that connects high value blockchains together. Its applications leverage the core messaging layer to facilitate interoperability between ecosystems. Secured by 19 guardians, developers leverage the protocol to send arbitrary data cross-chain including tokens, NFTs, oracle data, governance decisions, and more. Recent implementations of Wormhole include the Portal bridge and NFT bridge, which allow for seamless asset transfers across supported chains. Wormhole is currently connected to Solana, Terra, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Oasis and Fantom. Its design — which is easily extensible and upgradable — allows for quick consensus, connects more chains, and enables developers to build on top of Wormhole easily.

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Audits and Exploits

This bridge was audited by Consensys Deligence so you can find these documents here. Any exploits or bounty-program wasn't found.

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What is Binance Smart Chain?

BSC is a dual-chain architecture that will empower users to build their decentralized apps and digital assets on one blockchain and take advantage of the fast trading to exchange on the other.

What is Polygon?

Polygon is actually a layer-2 scaling solution whose main objective is to convey mass adaptation to the Ethereum platform. Polygon brings Layer-2 scalability to Ethereum with its multi-chain ecosystem. It drastically improves the overall efficiency and workings of the Matic network. The main aim is to create more and more solutions to scalability.

What is Solana?

Solana is a decentralized blockchain built to enable scalable, user-friendly apps for the world. Solana ensures composability between ecosystem projects by maintaining a single global state as the network scales. Never deal with fragmented Layer 2 systems or sharded chains.

What is Terra?

Terra is a blockchain protocol that supports stable programmable payments and open financial infrastructure development. It is supported by a basket of fiat-pegged, seigniorage share style stablecoins which are algorithmically stabilized by its native cryptoasset, Luna. One part of Terras value contributions, payments, in essence replaces the complicated payments value chain, including credit card networks, banks, and payment gateways with a single blockchain layer. In concert with the efficiencies that Terra has provided payment channels for both merchants and consumers, it continues to steadily provide infrastructural improvements and tools for the foundations of laying down a credibly neutral, distributed, and radically transparent ecosystem.

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is both a blockchain network, an application platform, and a full-fledged programming language. The goal of the project is to create and publish distributed applications that do not require third party trust.